There’s a problem in the UK…

…and this problem is the subversion of Western values. Freedom, democracy, liberty, freedom of speech. You know the ones.

I have a thesis.

My thesis is that Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour leadership will lead to a party split, thereby creating a political vacuum inside of which a virulent anti-Western agenda will fall into and foment.

This agenda (unless frustrated) will sew the seeds of an Islamic coup in the UK. This would not be an overnight development. It may take 10 years to fully implement. It may take 100 or 1,000 years. The point of importance is that Labour and Corbyn are surrounded by key actors and interests that seek to stimulate this agenda.

This blog aims to map this problem closely, to explore its layers, to identify the figures on all sides of the political spectrum who seek to embed it, to keep a close eye on it and to highlight events of relevant interest.

In a word, this blog is about vigilance.