The Thesis


Corbyn’s Labour leadership win in September 2016 will lead to a Labour Party split and seed the ground for an eventual Islamic coup. This thesis may surprise some of you and may even induce a Victorian fainting spell/an angry urge to retreat to a safe space, so let me explain why I make it.

Corbyn’s links with the Muslim community in the UK and beyond are well-documented. His support for the Palestinian cause, his anti-Israel stance, his willingness to enter into ‘talks’ with ISIS and the reports of his anti-semitism within the Labour ranks are just a few hallmarks of his Labour leadership that have led some of us to question where his priorities are.


The Fantasy

On the one hand, Corbyn comes across as ‘Old Guard’ Labour. The beard, the edgy attire, the soap-boxing and the hammering of the rich conjures up classic ‘socialist’ imagery. But therein resides a cosy relationship between him and the Muslim community that is more than just a background feature of his leadership. This feature is, in fact, integral to his leadership in ways that are often difficult to capture, owing to the loud Union noises, mouthy millennials and red Labour banners taking up the room. This cosy relationship makes for interesting reading. Indeed, the Leftist rag Morning Star paint a romantic picture that would rouse even the passions of Shakespeare:

A close analysis of this relationship suggests however that a case of ‘Wag the Dog’ is on the table. The phrase ‘Wag the Dog’ is used to indicate that attention is purposely being diverted from something of greater importance to something of lesser importance. Through Corbyn, we (or should I say many of his followers) are being diverted into a socialist fantasy that is nothing more than a ‘smokescreen’ behind which an Islamic ideological agenda is being bootlegged into the centre of British politics. In short, Corbyn is a precursor for an Islamic coup by stealth. This is my thesis. If you don’t like it, piss off.


A Coup by Stealth

I want to refrain from painting this thesis with a broad brush however. In brief, what I’m saying (rather bluntly) is that Corbyn is a means to an end. In other words, Corbyn is an instrument of creative political destruction, put to the service of a range of special interests in and around his party who see a Labour split as an opportunity for a unique kind of ‘power-grab’. That is, an opportunity to fashion Corbyn’s faction of the party into a formal Islamic presence inside Parliament. In short, an Islamic coup conducted by stealth.

This is not a straightforward argument, in the sense that Corbyn is in league with a ‘5th column’ that seeks to install itself (through its representatives) into Parliament and take it over wholesale. On the contrary, I believe that Corbyn considers himself a socialist, albeit with some modifications attached. These modifications have led him down some paths of support-shopping that, in my view, are helping him found a ‘new’ vision of what socialism in 21st century Britain should be. Islamic support is certainly part of this vision. But, be under no illusion. Given the special interests orbiting his political world, my argument is that Corbyn is a fantasising patsy who is unwittingly providing the ‘mother of all smokescreens’ for a fresh seeding of the UK political landscape to take place.


The ‘Grease on the Rails’

Corbyn’s considerable Muslim support, and indeed the special interests around him who feed into his brand of Labour politics, his Momentum movement and his political future, are critical elements that form the basis of what could well be (unless stopped of course) an Islamic coup in the UK. Corbyn, his rugged appearance, the useful idiots over at UNITE, the red banners and the hapless virtue-signalling Corbynites who cannot think for themselves are the ‘grease on the rails’.

Let me reiterate. An Islamic coup of this type is not a straightforward conspiracy to take over Parliament that involves Corbyn, the special interests and his followers (although of course they all want power in a straightforward political sense). On the contrary, this coup must be seen as ‘long game’, involving an entangled web of interests and events over years and even decades. It requires a gradual escalation of representation in Parliament, of media bias, of incremental cultural domination and deep political influence which perhaps cannot be described as a coup in the classic sense, but should certainly be regarded as an overall movement towards the establishment of a coup in years to follow. In short, people and events (e.g., Corbyn, a Labour split) will ‘grease the rails’ for a subtle power-grab (perhaps through the ballot box) much later.


The Key Ingredients

A possible key element to the coup would be to install ‘formal’ Islamic representation in Parliament. Indeed, the growing Muslim population in the UK would make this a real possibility, in time.  How would this representation look? Would it be a hijab-donning, beard-sporting political party calling for Sharia law? As I stated earlier, this is not a straightforward prediction that I am making. The UK does however have a rapidly increasing Muslim population, helped along by an extremely relaxed immigration policy. Indeed, it was reported recently that Labour aides feel the party is ‘relaxed’ at the prospect of rising immigration in this respect.

My thesis advances this observation in the following way: it is not beyond the realms of possibility that the rising Muslim population in the UK, driven by a relaxed immigration policy and combined with the political manoeuvring in and around Labour, will open up a vacuum into which an Islamic agenda will enter and mature thereafter. Indeed, we are witnessing brazen attempts to implement Islamic ideas and practices in law, education, health and local politics:

We can only look to politically corrupt areas of the country (e.g., Tower Hamlets) to see that Western values have been exiled and replaced with backwardness and intimidation. Formal Islamic representation might well not be observable until much later down the line, but features of political life in the UK are completely at odds with the basic values of Western democracy.

A coup of this nature takes time to implement. It takes patience. But it must be remembered, such a coup will be religiously motivated. Religious doctrines (from the perspective of those who feed into it) transcend time. They make take 10 years to implement, 20 years, 100 years or 1,000 years. However long they take, what matters is that they happen because God wills it and God transcends time.

Stay vigilant.