Jezza and Abbott

Diane Abbott has been appointed Shadow Home Secretary by Jezza.

Many are saying that this is a big nail in the Labour political coffin.

In many ways it is, but not for the likes of Corbyn and Abbott. The tendency to dominate is quite palpable with those two and, what is more, an eventual Labour split (precipitated by unpopular Shadow Cabinet appointments) will simply give them an opportunity to further exercise their political will, but in another form (i.e., a new party).

‘Labour’ might be a dead man walking (*ahem, dead ‘person’ walking – must not be politically incorrect now), but Corbyn’s vision of a ‘socialism for the 21st century’ is simply taking shape with these kinds of appointments.

Creative destruction is the theme here. Implode Labour with unpopular political appointments, and from the ashes will arise a new political phoenix that will cast a new complexion on British politics. This complexion will consist of a more focused, concentrated method of delivering a series of aims and objectives that will be ‘classically socialist’ in appearance but highly sympathetic to anti-Western values and Islamic jihad in substance.

Stay vigilant.