Diane Abbott and Islamic Extremism

Here we go again.

Behind all the soap-boxing and the grandstanding and the ‘standing up for ordinary people’, bloated Diane Abbott has been shown to be receiving Islamic extremist cash.


So, what do the extremists get in return I wonder? Tea and biscuits?


Muslim Charities Forum

The organisation from which Abbott accepted ‘donations’ is Muslim Charities Forum.

This organisation was stripped of UK state funding in 2014 over its ties to Islamic extremist groups Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.


Muslim Charities Forum (a cute friendly name, isn’t it?) formed in 2007 and they promote ‘collaborative working and knowledge sharing while supporting our member organisations through advocacy, training and research’.

How quaint.

The Forum ‘have a collective income of £150,000,000 and work in 71 countries’. Going off of these basic details, we are looking at an organisation with considerable reach and engages in a lot of money-changing. But of course, it is absolutely inconceivable to think that any of this money goes to Islamic terror groups. To think such a thing would be offensive and Islamophobic. 


Labour and Islamic Extremism

Do not be mistaken. Corbyn, Abbott and elements in and around Labour are being influenced by interests that seek to embed Islam into the DNA of social and political life in the UK.

Corporate and charity vehicles are one method through which this influence is managed. Just like Corbyn’s ‘socialism for the 21st century’, the use of companies and charities act as a smokescreen behind which an Islamic agenda is being bootlegged into the centre of UK political life. The donations to Abbott are the tip of the iceberg.

We, however, must be the tip of the spear and we must drive it through the heart of this take-over.

Stay vigilant.