Diane Abbott: An Agent of Islamic Extremism?

Diane never fails to surprise.

Not only has she been caught red-handed receiving bungs from organisations affiliated with Islamic extremists, she has now been exposed as an agent for these extremists; she is on record as OPPOSING the proscribing of al-Qaeda as a terror group and voted against making it a crime to glorify terrorism.


I understand why the Islamic jihadists are bunging her a few quid.

Do not be mistaken. The Labour-Islamic extremist link is not a cosy arrangement purely for financial gain. Labour are a vehicle through which Islamic interests are gaining a foothold in UK political life. We are in the throes of an Islamic coup, albeit in slow-motion. Jezza, Abbott and company are willingly connecting themselves to a network of interests that bring with them an age-old desire to conquer Europe.

Stay vigilant.