Gun control laws and the Second Amendment

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    Gun control laws and the Second Amendment: Discussing gun control laws, their impact on public safety, and the interplay between the Second Amendment and these laws.


    Ok a quick question…in recent this week there have been 4 school “stabbings” in my county. WHY aren’t they calling for knife control….instead they are claiming peer pressure and stress…video games etc….everything except the issue…MENTAL HEALTH CRISIS 🤔

    Dixie P

    Personally, my opinion is they will continue to force the gun control or take our guns away. All the shootings happening are planned. I hate that we lose loved ones by these crimes but its not the guns that kill, its the person holding it. The shooting in Nashville was a planned attack. The shooter walked in with one pair of shoes on and the photo they released of the same shooter taken out had different shoes on. Sorry but it was all a set up.

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